Many companies consist of several subcompanies. These subcompanies each have different business processes for several (if not all) of their processes. This could be a mother company which consist of 3 subcompanies; a classic retail company with physical stores, a pure webbased company and a production company which makes some of the items sold in the other 2 subcompanies.

Giving the company a possibility to control which task library are to be published in the "Help" / Task Guides. Controlling the activation and display order for each company will lead to a more dynamic way of showing task guides across same AX instance.

Justifications is that some business critial processes shouldn't be shared across company's within same entity and region. Some task guides could be only relevant for some areas of the business and guides to processes could be different ( ex B2B and B2C ).

Not only is it uneasy for the users for 2 of the subcompanies as their processes will be listed last, it is also a serious issues as the processes are private for each subcompany.
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This is very much needed

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