Please add a way to opt out of this functionality. Many organizations, such as mine, only use transactional and functional/accounting currency but this third currency is now forced upon us. It would be fine if it was seamless but unfortunately it has caused numerous issues and we've spent a lot of time investigating, logging Microsoft issues, applying hotfixes, testing, applying manual workarounds etc.... It costs us a lot of time and business disruption, confused our users, but added zero value. We still have a fix scheduled for PU31 for foreign currency cheques that cannot be voided and working through a current issue with journal uploads that are failing with a foreign exchange rate error even though the journal currency is the same as legal entity currency. Why are we being forced to use this functionality that is causing us so many issues? If it's forced upon us then please do your due diligence to test it thoroughly - from entry in all subledgers (manual AND upload - some uploads, such as Fixed Asset Journals are currently failing) to posting to GL, to uploads directly to GL (General Journal uploads currently failing as well unless new Reporting currency column is added), to posting new and existing transactions (old general journals approved after 10.0.5 PU29 update are also currently failing as they're missing the new Reporting Currency field), to validation of sales tax and all calculations, to fx revaluation, to reporting impact in all currencies, to reversals (payment reversals and transaction reversals in all currency in next period or different currency date). I think this list covered most places we experienced issues with this functionality thus far. Thank you for your consideration.
Category: General Ledger
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the issues you have seen, and have been fixing them and have begun to see a sharp decline in issues. The changes to the reporting currency were pervasive across the system, and cannot be disabled. 
If a reporting currency isn't necessary for an organization, it does not have to be defined in the Ledger setup.  Unfortunately, once you define a reporting currency and enter transactions, the reporting currency cannot be removed.
The reporting currency changes were done before the introduction of Feature management. With everything now going through Feature management, customers will have a choice of whether to enable a feature or not.
Kristi Slininger, PM