After upgrading the GL Detail Inquiry now show the option for both Open and Historical information. When you have a large database, the performance can be slow, and it appears it's not taking into consideration the users criteria and pushes all data into a temp table. (Hence the delay). Most the time this isn't a concern for customers, however those with larger databases, it causes delays.

Please consider changing how this works so we can take advantage of the feature.

More Info:

  1. GL Account Details Inquiry window and enters criteria for what they would like to view: GL Account and/or Date Range
  2. When the user tabs off the account field the process kicks off by submitting queries to SQL Server and processing starts in the database
  3. The queries submitted to SQL Server for processing does not use any (or enough) of the criteria entered by the user
  4. The queries begin to copy all data from the Open and Historical tables into a temp table causing performance delays if you have a large database.

Needs Votes