Suggested Sun, 25 Mar 2018 17:36:22 GMT by Mohamed MostafaNew
Category: Business Process

Currently in the Unified Client Interface (UCI) Forms, we have Tabs on top of every form which is a great feature. Lots of our customers are very happy to see these tabs back at top of their forms.

However, these tabs are not always visible and they disappear if you scroll down the form. Many of our customers are asking for the ability to "Dock" all UCI form Tabs even as an optional feature.

Could you please add this feature to Dock UCI Form Tabs at the top of the Form so that they do not scroll down with the rest of the form?
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  • Totally agree with this. The arrow in Web/Classic was far from ideal with it being so small, and the tabs are a very welcome addition - but they need to be sticky.
  • Very much agree; not ideal if you have to scroll to the top each time to get to the tab. The tabs do however take up a good chunk of real estate. If they pinned to the top can they be made less deep?
  • Why optional? Should have always been the default behaviour ......
  • Great usability suggestion!!!
  • Definitely voted this up. Great idea!