The error message should be displayed when Production type of the item is set to "None" and default order type is set to Production Production type is changed by Synchronize database when the field is set to "None" and default order type is set to "Production" without warning or error message. For avoiding miss-operation, the message should be displayed. ***[REPRO STEPS GROUP] *** 1. Create item a. Item number = #BOM_none, Product name = #BOM_none, Search name = #BOM_none, Item model group = STD, Storage dimension group = SiteWH, Tracking dimension group = None 2. Set Default order type = “Production” for the item (#BOM_none) 3. Set Production type = None for the item (#BOM_none)   < Synchronize database > assumed to install one Hotfix 1. Goto USMF/System administration/Checklists/Software update checklist 2. Done “Synchronize database”   *** ACTUAL RESULT *** The Production type of the item (#BOM_none) has been changed from None to BOM automatically. *** EXPECTED RESULT *** According to Additional info below, this is not issue. However, at least, it should popup for a message of Yes/No when user changes from BOM to None in the Production type of the item (#BOM_none) in advanced.

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Johan Hoffmann

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