When an agreement is creating recurring bookings, typically to a prefferred resource, it is not respecting if that resource is unavailable. A booking may be in conflict with the resources work-schedule, workday breaks, approved time-off requests, planned abscence / sick-leave or that a resource has an end-date working for the company. In all these scenarios FS creates bookings for this resource reagrdless. Such a booking should 1. not be scheduled to that resource 2. even it is is it should be in some other Status so that there are highlighting of conflict 3. warning / indications to be issued to dispatcher role Furthermore, n the scheduling board the booking entirely covers the "grey - no-working area" making it impossible to actually see if there is a booking that is interferring with the work schedule of that resource.

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We think of the auto-booking creation by the Agreement Booking Setup record like a recurring meeting in Outlook. If a recurring meeting is created, Outlook doesn't try to move the booking to another person or time if the attendee is busy, on vacation, or in another meeting, it will simply create the booking at the time and for the resource specified.

If you consider what moving the booking would mean, even if we wanted to move the booking more intelligently to another resource or time, how should we universally move the booking to a spot that the business will find suitable? The solution quickly begins to look a lot like the Resource Schedule Optimization add-in. Which is ultimately what we'd suggest for more responsive, intelligent booking scenarios. The system would book unscheduled work orders or would move the recurring booking to a new resource or time depending on the configuration of the RSO.

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