In GP 2013 and Prior Versions if you wanted to increase/decrease the "LIST PRICE" you could easily use the "Price List Utilities" Unfortunately, this feature NO LONGER works for "List Price" category of pricing. The problem is the "list Price" is 100% so when you do a mass update to ie 3% it goes to 103% then in 6 months you increase/decrease again but this time only 2% but you cannot because it is not 2% of 103% now. Does not work!!!!. AND Microsoft, since changing this feature, it becomes necessary to purchase an external product from a non-Microsoft vendor. PLEASE CHANGE THIS FEATURE BACK ON. It makes absolutely NO SENSE to increase/decrease a "list price" from 100% to 103% or 102% what ever it is just plain WRONG.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Hi Kathy,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by your suggestion. Once you change a list price (increase/decrease by 3% in your example) then the 103% is the new list price so now that is the 100%. Whatever the amount is at the time of running the wizard, that is what the baseline is for adjusting the list price. If you can further explain I will look at this again.

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft