This seems like it might already be in the works as it is mentioned here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365-release-plan/2020wave2/sales/dynamics365-sales-insights/

However other than this one sentence, I can't find any documentation anywhere about it. "In this release, we'll introduce the ability to generate Teams calls right from within the sellers' workflows, inside their CRM, with conversational KPIs and advanced business insights surfaced on top of those calls."

MS Teams desperately needs more calling integrations, and the ability to better use 2 MS products together (MS Dynamics + MS Teams) seems like a no brainer.

If this is already in progress, can MS please post more info on it. Otherwise, there are many features that MS Teams desperately needs with MS Dynamics such as:
CTI Call popup for inbound calls, allowing fast opening of MS Dynamics (or even custom forms for this scenario?)
Automatic call note saving + transcription
Call recording playback in call notes in dynamics
Call dialer lists
Call translation
Call tagging / category
Call processes
etc etc