When a document has been edited view the Edit Sales Transaction window functionality, you receive an error trying to drill into the document to view in inquiry (This document has been removed from Sales order processing history). The same type of error occurs if when you post the SOP invoice, and GP adds 001 to the end of the document number in Receivables (this occurs if the invoice number already existed in Receivables and is normal functionality). You also see this if you try to view the sop document from Receivables transaction smartlist using the new number Example: Invoice123001. If you want to view the document you have to use other inquiry windows to see the data. If you would like the ability to drill into these documents from the Smartlist, the All in one view for Sales or just inquiry, please vote on this suggestion.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion but it will not be considered for a release at this time.
Terry Heley