It would be great and interesting to try out suppressing null and default values when serializing ODATA/JSON payloads. It would be interesting to see if if can shave off payload and a few milliseconds in network connectivity.

Can you please try out the effect of this ? For situations with limited network bandwidth it could have a very positive effect :-)

Here is a small C# samplecode on how to reduce the JSON payload.

using System.Runtime.Serialization;

using System.Text.Json;

using System.Text.Json.Serialization;


public class TestClass



    public bool B1 { getset; }


    public bool B2 { getset; }


    public string? S3 { getset; }


class Program


    static void Main()


       TestClass tc = new() {B1 = true};

       JsonSerializerOptions options = new JsonSerializerOptions();

        options.DefaultIgnoreCondition = JsonIgnoreCondition.WhenWritingDefault;

        var serialized = JsonSerializer.Serialize(tc, options);




Prints: {"B1":true}

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The product team has agreed to implement this feature and is actively working on it.  Please stay tunned for targeted release version information and usage documentation.