Penny difference functionality does not behave consistently, depending on how many financial dimensions are used for posting the original customer balance transaction. Financial dimensions for main account for posting type “penny difference in accounting currency” in some cases are inherited from the original transaction, and in other cases, are not. This gap in the design was discovered in AX 2012 R3 version. Microsoft experts report that the issue is reproducible in every AX version and will most probably be fixed in Dynamics 365 April ’19 release. See test cases below for more information. Test case 1: customer balance transaction with offset account type “ledger” is entered in the past (eg. in the previous year), using general journal. This represents open balances transactions that are migrated into the system. Financial dimension FD1 (which is mandatory on customer balance main acc. and is fixed on main accounts, used for payment posting) is manually populated in the journal line. After the transaction is posted, FD1 should be populated on Customer balance account. Payment line for current date is created in the general journal via Settlement functionality – credit amount represents underpayment, with offset account type “bank” and posting profile different from the posting profile with which the original transaction was posted. Financial dimensions are left blank. After posting the journal, penny difference transaction happens. Penny difference transaction (settlement of original customer balance main acc.) inherits FD1 from the original customer balance transaction. Test case 2: customer balance transaction is entered in the general journal in the same way as in the test case 1. The only difference is the use of another dimension; FD1 is manually populated, meanwhile FD2 (set up as “blanks are allowed” on customer balance main acc.) is automatically transferred from customer (previously set up as default financial dimension on customer card). After the transaction is posted, FD1 and FD2 are populated on Customer balance account. Payment is created in the same way as in test case 1 to represent underpayment. FD2 in general journal line is automatically defaulted from Customer. Error for missing FD1 on penny difference main account prevents posting of the payment. Financial dimension FD1 needs to be fixed on penny difference main account for the current legal entity. After that, posting is successful. Penny difference transaction (settlement of customer balance main acc.) does not inherit FD1 from the original transaction (as it happens in the test case 1). Despite FD1 being mandatory financial dimension for customer balance main acc. (according to account structure configuration), the transaction is posted without. If customer balance transaction is posted using free text invoice no matter the financial dimensions used in free text invoice line, financial dimensions on penny difference transaction for customer settlement are always inherited from the original transaction.

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