I've configured a Flow to send Forms Pro Surveys by clicking the button Flow on entity Event on D365 CE. I've created 2 new fields "Survey" and "Email Template" on entity Event which lookup to the entity "Forms Pro surveys" and "Forms Pro survey email templates" respectively.
The issue is I can choose surveys from Forms Pro on D365 CE but on the field "Email Template", it does not connect to the Email Template on Forms Pro.
The MS Support and Development team confirmed that we could only retrieve the Email Templates from Form Pro to Default Environment.
Therefore I would like to have a feature to be able to choose the Email Template from other Environments
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In customer voice, we are improving the email template experience by saving the email template as part of the survey collection. As part of this change, we save the email template (from default CDS) to the specified CDS associated with the project. Please contact customervoice@microsoft.com with your survey URL and email template name if you are still unable to find it.

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