Our users would like to have a feature/a design that prevents the In Use by field in the journals to update with the correct user that is using the journal correctly.

In the D365 the In Use by field, we can confirm that the code uses the following:

public JournalBlockInUseUserId datasourceMethodInUseUserId(JournalTableMap _journalTable)
return _journalTable.SessionId ? new xSession(_journalTable.SessionId).userId() : '';

The session ids with this doe are not guaranteed to be unique, and session records are overwritten when the session id is reused, so they really aren't very helpful for knowing who is currently using certain functionality.

It also results to incorrect users updating this field similar to the issue reported in issue Issue 354139 - Open
Journal shows in use by a random user which was supposed to be fixed by a deliverable but has since been reverted due to another issue.
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