One of the greatest drawbacks to working with Financials, is the slow pace of data entry.  Users essentially add one field at a time, and have to deal with internet latency each time we hit the "enter" or "tab" key.

I also noticed that as the number of lines in a journal increase, the response time becomes slower.  As an example, this past weekend I converted a company from QuickBooks to Financials.  As a part of this process, I create journals in the G/L Journal entry screen to book their trial balance.  As I add more and more lines, I get more "working on it" messages.  If I tab through the rest of the fields on the screen and start entering the next line too soon, the "Amount" field on the previous line becomes blank.  I would estimate it takes anywhere from 2 to 5 times as long to do an entry in Financials, as opposed to doing the same entry in a Windows-based ERP.

Why don't you use Excel as a data entry platform for Financials?

You already have the basic programming in place for this.  There is an "Export to Excel" icon on most screens.  Of course, you'll have to validate data received through a spreadsheet upload, but a lot of this logic already exists in your RapidStart capability.

If you use Excel as a data entry platform, you will have combined the best of both worlds (i.e. Windows-based and Cloud).  Users would be able to use Excel's capabilities to quickly create data, and the data would ultimately end up in a Cloud-based ERP (i.e. Financials).

Would it be that difficult to do this?  Your current "Export to Excel" capability allows me to make limited modifications to records that already exist within Financials, but it doesn't allow me to add new records to a spreadsheet and successfully publish these.

Ideas Administrator

Hi David,


Thanks for the suggestion. We do have this functionality on list pages and several journal pages in Financials. For pages where this is available have an "Edit in Excel" button rather than "Send to Excel". If you use the Edit in Excel action on list pages, it opens the list in Excel with a connection to Financials through the Dynamics 365 add-in. This allows you to refresh the data, as well as edit the data and publish the changes back to Financials. Data entry is one of the ways you can use this functionality.


Give it a try, and let us know if there are ways we can make this functionality work better for you.



Jared Hall

Program Manager, Microsoft