Because the application is sealed in D365 for Talent you cannot create or edit the data entities. The Talent team should do a review of the existing data entities and make entities public unless there is a strong reason not to. For example, the skills entities, the performance entities, etc. Many of these exist as entities, but cannot be used because they are not public. This limits not only our ability to integrate, but our ability to do data migration. Additionally, longer term, the ability to create your own data entity or modify an existing data entity in D365 for talent (or F&O for that matter) would be great. This would enable the "citizen" developer to create templates for loading data, open new possibilities for data integration and much more.

Category: Integrations
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Thank you for your suggestion. To help us in our review process, we’re requesting votes from the community to help us understand the importance of this functionality. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.