French legal entities that do business with self-employed professionals must provide a DAS-2 declaration report to the tax authorities (that is a FRench legal requirement). The DAS-2 report is an annual fiscal declaration that includes all payments to vendors of this type that exceed 1,200 euros. The report should be generated in Microsoft Excel format. After the report is generated, the file must be converted into the electronic data interchange (EDI) structure (XML), and transmitted.
The DAS-2 Excel report must include the following worksheets:
- Details – All vendor invoices that were paid during the selected period and by using a specific vendor profile that has a DAS-2 classification
- Summary by vendor – The DAS-2 declaration grouped by vendor. Each column represents the amounts per DAS-2 classification.
- DAS-2 form – A summary of the declaration for each vendor. There is one form for each vendor.
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