Currently when working with Customer Service/Omnichannel Session Tabs the behavior is that the tab content will reload every time the tab is selected/had focus.

This is documented as by design:
"Why do tabs reload when an agent switches session tabs or switches from session tab to widget?"
This is to make sure that the updated data is available for the agent at all times

source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-service/channel-integration-framework/faq-channel-integration-framework#why-do-tabs-reload-when-an-agent-switches-session-tabs-or-switches-from-session-tab-to-widget

Of course this does make sense for a lot of implementation scenario's, when using the tab to display a real-time dashboard for instance. But in our scenario we are using the Session Tabs to enable access to back-office data from other applications using Canvas Apps. This does really benefit the user experience. But currently the Canvas Apps are reloaded every time the user switches between other tabs or sessions, hence the context in the Session Tab is lost and the user will have to lookup/drill-down the back-office data again, while this data is fairly static.

It would be perfect if we could configure this behavior for every tab, as we do with the behavior for the ability to close tabs for instance.