I would like to suggest the ability to sign up for a Dynamics CRM Online Free Limited Sandbox for use for generic training and overview. I do webinars for the CRM User Group community and internally at out company. It would be nice to have a generic CRMOL Sandbox to use for showing the full suite of CRM to users. The limitation would be that you couldn't use it for Production purposes.

The problem I have with the 30-Day trial is just that - it's only 30 days and then you have to sign up again. Scenario: I am preparing for a webinar on CRMOL and want to showcase new features. I spin up a 30-day trial, and put a lot of time and effort into building the solution. However, it takes longer than 30 days to complete the build-out. I then have to remember to create a new 30-day, export the solution, save it somewhere accessible, and import it into the new 30-day trial. This process is cumbersome.

There needs to be an option to leverage CRMOL for generic overview training that is not specific to a company - that's what the company's Sandbox/Production would be for since it's customized.

Side note: The "Product Version" drop-down list does not have an option for CRMOL or CRM 2016.

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