SysInfoAction support was not in the list of deprecated features, but it currently isn't available. API is still in place. Where Infolog invocation is supplied with corresponding action it has no effect in the user interface. 

Without this feature, where certain document is created, that is serving as an input for following operation in a business process, user have to manually navigate to respective menu item and search for specific document by its identifier. Having direct link to a form pre-filtered on required document would significantly improve user experience and speed up execution of business processes, where this feature would be implemented.

Category: User Experience
Ideas Administrator

In 10.0.11/Platform update 35, a new API (Message::AddAction) has been introduced to allow actions to be embedded in message bars. These actions can point to either a display or action menu item. This API is meant to serve as the replacement for SysInfoAction.  



I totally agree, we used that feature a lot. This is a big loss for user experience and fuidity.

Category: User Experience