We are considering a change in our process, because the logistics department has a lot of administrative work to deregister warehouse shipments.
In the new situation I would like to create the warehouse shipment.

Then choose the option Get source documents, in principle all, because the shipping date here is the shipping date at order level, not at line level. In this example a selection of 3 lines:
Two partial and one full.

This results in a warehouse shipment.

What strikes me is that the last line is not fully in stock, but is still included on the warehouse shipment, because the order is set to complete shipment, as is the customer. I can then create the pick, this is not desirable.
If I throw away the warehouse shipment and I want to create the warehouse shipment from the order, I get the following message:

"The warehouse shipment was not created because the Shipping advice field is set to Complete and item number 7971012 and is not available in location code 'GENERAL'.
You can create the warehouse shipment by changing the Shipping advice field to Partial in Sales order number SO200988 or by manually filling in the warehouse shipment document."

Which is entirely correct, because I want to send the order in full! Am I doing something wrong or is this an error in BC and do you have to report it.

Our Analysis (as a partner):
I have indeed found that from the sales order the check is carried out on stock in combination with shipping advice. And it is not executed from the warehouse shipment.
Whether Micrososft sees this as an error is the question, because the user consciously chooses the sales order from the warehouse shipment, whereby the shipping advice is shown on the screen on the page.
The user therefore consciously chooses this sales order. The fact that this check is not performed has long been in NAV / BC. However, could Micorosft consider to add a check? The customer sees this as a bug coming from their perspective.
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future.

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