In regulated products, restrictive lists have two options: exclusive and inclusive. The exclusive lists work perfectly but if in a country are more prohibited products than allowed the functionality of inclusive lists should be the chosen one, however this functionality does not work.

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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better.

Can you please clarify what " this functionality does not work" means in more details? Could this be a bug? 

If so, please report it to our support team.  



Conrad Volkmann

PM, Microsoft



Unfortunately there is no documentation that I can find to tell me how it should work. Setting up an Inclusive list seems to make no difference whether it is setup or not If the objective is to limit the products being sold into a country, only being able to sell the specific list does not work as any item can be added to a sales order when the inclusive list is used.
I would like the inclusive list to be able to specify a list of items that could be restricted by customer, customer group.
If I have a thousands of products I may only want to sell 10 to a specific customer or customer group, which does not seem possible now.
It would also be good to add functionality like on the trade agreements to the 'Exclusive' list to be able to exclude by customer or customer group and item group within a region instead of just the item code in a region.

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