If you use centralised payments across company for vendor payment and use a method of payment which uses a bridging account you can only settle the bridged transactions if you create the vendor account in the payment company.

A dimension attribute error is return unless the vendor is also in the payment company.

Unable to return DimensionAttributeValue record for dimension SystemGeneratedAttributeVendor with value SP000005, in legal entity w093, because a record doesn't exist in table VendTable through view DimAttributeVendTable.

The vendors are not used for any other purpose in the payment company except to make the payment and therefore this adds considerable data migration effort (especially when 50+ companies and many thousands of vendors). Ongoing maintenance is also required for new vendors and process wise always have to ensure created in invoice company and repeated in payment company.

It contradicts the purpose of centralised payments and intercompany account that you have to duplicate the party id just to settle a bridged transaction.