In the CDS entity cdm_jobpositions Microsoft totally left out the effective and expiration date for the reports to position.
The standard template for integration to D365FO maps the fields cdm_validfrom resp cdm_valid to both to the position details and to the position hierarchy records in D365FO!
These fields are the effective resp expiration dates for the position details.
The effective resp expiration dates for the reports to position must be in the entity as well to get correct data in D365FO.
As it is now, you get no position hierarchy history in D365FO. The latest record in D365FO just gets overwritten every time you change the position hierarchy in Talent.
Microsoft will not accept this as an error, but has stated it is by design!??
Please vote in order to get this fixed.
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Thank you for your suggestion. We’re considering this functionality for a future release. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



This now causes errors in a live integration (reported in incident 119060526001184) and must really be prioritized.
In my opinion, the position hierarchy should have its own CDS entity, similar to how it has its own Odata entity.
But first and foremost the correct dates must be included with the reports to position.

Category: Integrations