Microsoft added the Package Tracking Framework in the Base App, see also:

We started using this framework to be able to track the pallets / license plates and have to support our customer process variations:

1. Warehouse decides what will be send to customers.
In this case the Lot No. and Package No. is selected in the Warehouse Pick. In the Sales Order only the Item and Quantity is selected upfront by the Sales Order Processor.

2. The Sales Order Processor decides what will be send to the customers.
In this case only the Lot No. is selected upfront in the Sales Order Tracking in addition to the Item and Quantity. Only the Package No. that holds the selected Lot No. is selected in the Warehouse Pick.
Package No isn’t selected in the Sales Order upfront because in the warehouse they need to be flexible / able to pick the pallet in front of the stack/row.
So in short reservation is still on the level of Lot No. despite the fact that its a Package No. tracked Item.

Variant 1 is supported already but for variant 2 we are running into some issues. Standard Business Central allows us to only select the Lot No. in the Sales Order tracking but in this case the availability is showing a negative line with only the Lot No. that has been selected in the Sales Order Line tracking and the Warehouse Pick cannot be created (message nothing to handle is shown).

Note: in case the Package No. is also selected in the Sales Order tracking we can create the Warehouse Pick and both the Lot No. and Package No. is pre-filled and can be registered but when we try to change the Package No. in the Warehouse Pick Line this also leads to an error message:
Item tracking defined for source line xxxxx of Sales Order S-ORDxxxxx amounts to more than the quantity you have entered.
You must adjust the existing item tracking specification and then reenter a new quantity.
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future. Best regards, Business Central Team