We have customers who want to use D365FO with on-premise, but they have very small transactions and low requirements. Such as,

One country, one company,
25 users when go-live
Licenses: Operations: 13, Activity: 28, Team member: 10
Modules: Sales, Purchase, prod planning, production, invent, AP, AR, GL and little customize. Additionary, using MRP
No Power BI, no CRM, no MS Project
Master data volume: Customer: 500, Vendor: 1,000, BOM: 26,000, BOM lines: 9, BOM level: 9
Transactions: SO: < 600 lines / month, PO: < 2,000 lines / month, Prod: < 1,000 lines / month, Invent trans: < 4,000 lines / month, Invent Journal: < 2,000 lines / month, GL: < 7,000 lines / month
English and Japanese labels
Integration with other legacy system, with less than 500 lines per day.
Those numbers are on current system, not estimate number on D365FO.
No redundancy, no always on. Just need MSSQL Backup per day.

Like those few system size, current requirements of D365FO on-premise are too large.
Please publish minimum system requirements for very small customer.
Needs Votes