A great missing functionality is the possibility to manage pallets in the WMS module.
When receiving goods, you should be able to specify the no. of pallet, type of pallet, assign manually or automatically a pallet ID (could be a SSCC pallet identification). Each pallet could be assigned to a lot no.

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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future.
Note that we released additional dimension - package - as part of the Item Tracking functionality that can be used to keep track of simple WMS packages or pallets, or which you can use as a foundation for advanced vertical solutions.

Please refer to the following link for more information:

There are a few apps on appsource that address this requirement today.
Andrei Panko
PM, Microsoft


Any update on this ? We need it too :)

Thank you

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We are not using warehousing, just locations/stock keeping units. For an Item in BC, we are wanting to adjust in pallets into stock in BC from a Production system, each pallet will be a Lot No, each pallet is a different weight. we want to capture the weight of each pallet and then have the sales order picked on the UoM of pallet, but priced in Kgs - the total Kgs being the sum of each pallet * pallet weight.

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How many votes do you need to fix this idea?. More than 200 votes are not enought?

Many others ERP control this.


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Our Logistic Units solution can help you.

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We are struggling with Receiving multiple pallets ( or in our case - lg single lot equivent to a 1 pallet ) and we frequently receive multiple packing slips from the same vendor on the same day - so we have been unable to use the warehouse functionality to do receiving, because this system does not allow us to recognize to register the different packing slit on the same PO.

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This is a must-have for clients with advanced warehousing.

I have seen a similar solution that uses additional fields in the sales and purchase lines called 'shipping container'.

A shipping container can be a pallet or a full container. Each item has a shipping container code linked to it, similar to an additional unit of measure which carries additional info like dimension and weight.

Additional tracking info can be used when receiving, moving and shipping items like SSCC numbers that can be based on logic similar to the serial numbers.

Also, total quantity of shipping containers can be added to sales, purchase and warehouse documents for better visibility of weight and volume to handle for planning purposes.

I hope to see this feature soon, it will be a great selling point for clients with advanced warehousing.

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A full 'license plate tracking' solution would be something like the one available in AX/D365F&O (but better, of course, because it's BC!) (reasonable , but dated, primer here https://axscm.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/using-license-plates-in-ax-2012-wms/)

A 'License Plate' therefore represents a unique identifier for some container (e.g. a pallet) which can hold a number quantity of different items/lots/serials, but can also be moved around a warehouse, put-away. and picked as a single entity. (sitting somewhere between a Bin and a Lot in the BC hierarchy!)

At a minimum users need to be able to create licence plates during the receipt (and output, whse journal, etc.) process, put-away, move, and pick license plates (which automatically puts away, moves and picks ALL inventory assigned to that license plate) and must be able to ship and consume license plates (which ships and consumes some or all of the inventory assigned to that license plate)

Additionally, license plates are not physically indivisible, so users should be able to easily move inventory from a license plate onto a new or existing license plate, and be able to move inventory between license plates.

Hard to compress it into a comment! reach out of you want to talk it through.

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We are looking into this request, can you add more details about your needs? Where you need extra fields, what kind of fields? Which additional functionality should be added to support pallets? More definitions will be also very useful - what is License Plate? Any reference to descriptions about pallet management, probably you already have solutions to support it and some documentation?

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How many votes do you need to do it?.
Please do it as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.


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When we make a sales order or sale invoice, it would be great to insert numbers of pallets, pallet weight, pallet ID, etc.... even the container they are in.

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