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In NAV of old we had a function to Export Date to File, this was an excellent feature that allowed us to export a company or companies from a Database and into another DB, very useful when working in Sandbox for example and you have been setting up a blank template prior to moving to Production.

This feature has been lost with D365 BC and while we have the ability to use Configuration tools, this does make transition from Sandbox to Live harder.

The Copy Company within the same Environment is great, but we need to be able to migrate companies from one Environment to the other.. even going Production to Sandbox is useful, rather than doing a full Environment copy of Production etc.

Thanks in Advance, look forward to more to come :-)
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Thank you for this suggestion! You can export database .bacpac files to a storage account from the Tenant Admin Center.

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This is not what I suggested, this was to be able to Export a 'Company' from an Environment and then import that company into another.

This would mirror the Export to File Import from File function we had in NAV versions and was very useful.

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Another option can be to be available to Restore a Sandbox environment as a Production Environment.

The restore function under Admin is great to replicate a Production to a Sandbox and a Sandbox to another Sandbox but we need to be able to restore a Sandbox to Production (Before Go-Live).

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