Because the Special Orders requires the use of the Requisition Worksheet to streamline the generation of a corresponding PO, and the Requisition Worksheet will not allow the entry of Non Inventory Items, there is no way to Special Order a Non Inventory Item and have any links between the SO and the PO. There are 2 possible solutions:
1) Allow the creation of the PO similar to creating a PO for Drop Shipments where the user can select lines from a SO, allowing the selection of the Sell-to Customer but without forcing the change of Shipping Address.
2) Change the Requisition Worksheet to allow for Non Inventory Items for Special Orders.

Ideally both, but prefer the first as having to go into the Requisition Worksheet is an additional step which is not necessary.
Category: Purchasing
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. It seems that requested feature has meanwhile been made available.