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I'd like to propose an enhancement to the way unit conversions and unit sequence groups are managed in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO). The current design is quite strict, allowing unit conversions only at the level of released products, without any vendor-specific flexibility. This creates challenges for companies sourcing the same item from different vendors, each of whom might package the item differently.

Current Challenge:

  1. Unit Conversions: Suppose we have a single item, Item A, that we purchase from two different vendors:
  • Vendor 1: Packages Item A in boxes of 50
  • Vendor 2: Packages Item A in boxes of 100
  1. As of now, the system only allows us to create a standard intra-class conversion like Box > Each. However, this does not address vendor-specific variations in packaging.
  2. Unit Sequence Groups: Furthermore, the system only allows us to assign one unit sequence group to an item. This makes it nearly impossible to set up different unit conversions like "PL" > "Box" > "Each" and "PL Supplier Y" > "Box Supplier Y" > "Each Supplier Y" for the same item.

Proposed Solution:

I suggest the following enhancements to D365FO:

  1. Vendor-Specific Table: Introduce a new table with table/group/all mechanism that allows users to define unit conversions specifically for each vendor.
  2. Auto-Populate in PO: When a Purchase Order is created, the system would automatically populate the unit of measure based on the vendor chosen, leveraging the vendor-specific unit conversion.
  3. Fallback Mechanism: In the absence of a vendor-specific unit conversion, the system would revert to a 'general' or 'default' unit conversion.
  4. Multiple Unit Sequence Groups: Redesign the system to allow assigning multiple unit sequence groups to a single item. This would offer more flexibility in defining units for items purchased from different vendors.

By implementing these features, D365FO would significantly enhance its flexibility and usability, making it easier for companies to manage complex vendor relationships and sourcing strategies.

Thank you for considering this idea, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Best regards,

Elise De Brie

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Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! If it gets voted, we will consider adding it to our long term roadmap. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Product Manager, Microsoft