Custom fields should be available on the Activity itself, called Activity pointer. The reasons are: The same function is needed for all Activity types, so we don't need to make multiple fields with the same name and beaviour on all types. It might be a category, a comment, a relation, whatever. But the most important value is in views; Dashboard views for activities. One common Activity view should cover all common fields.
Today we have to create a view for every Activity type. Dashboards get too big, and users loose overview.

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In our case have a defined Service and a defined Activity Reason that is on every activity. But if we create a view on Activites, we cannot have Service and Activity Reason in this view / list / Dashboard. Hence we are obliged to create for each of the Activity Type a separate Dashboard. This way we give up an chronologic oversight on what happens when.

MS Dynamics CRM is great in its flexibility to customize but once you hit the activities, you feel lost with no choice and exessive limits. Bear in Mind that apart from Contacts and Accounts the activities are part of the core functionality of any CRM.

Category: General