In the case of the projects, the system does not throw any validation or warning before closing projects for which posted transactions exist.

The system allows changing the status of the Project to 'Closed' and also allows to re-open of the project with the status 'Released' (or any other).

The current expectation is that the users would like to have validation in the case of pending project transactions which aren't invoiced and if chargeable transactions exist for a project so that it can be prevented from closing,

When there are WIP balances or open transactions for eg., Timesheet is Posted then when the user tries to close the project,i.e., changes project stage to Finished system should prevent it.

If the chargeable transactions exist when they are Uninvoiced when the user tries to close the project,i.e., changing the project stage to the 'Finished' system should prevent it.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

We currently have a parameter for Prevent project closure if open transactions exist. This parameter checks for pending transactions and prevents closing of the project if pending project transactions exist. If you can add any more scenarios or details to consider, we will consider those in an enhancement to this parameter or do something else. 

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System should not allow to close the project if open invoice proposal exists with Chargeable transactions.

Category: Project Accounting


This is a great suggestion. In situations where chargeable transactions are accruing revenue, the user should NOT be allowed to close the project without proper disposition of the transactions - either to invoice or to mark them as non-billable.

Category: Project Accounting