For some reasons, our customer does not want to use the new Customer Service Hub even if it looks very nice. The biggest issue here is the missing possibility to set up interactive dashboards without any timeframe or with a custom default timeframe. In case lots of service agents open each day new tickets which are older than X they won´t be displayed anymore. This is why you are forced to set a filter for the entity in the new interactive dashboards which neither makes sense for me nor for the customer. Another issue is, that you cannot insert KB-Articles in an email if you click on either reply or reply all. Most common is the reply to an email instead of click on new email because the agent the and customer want to see the history. In the Web client, you cannot customize all those things which are available in the new Unified UI e.g. Social Pane settings etc. There are still two ways of using KB articles which is confusing as well. Therefore and due to the mentioned reasons above we had to develop our own KB Search with expanded functionalities. It seems more or less like a first draft Customer Service Hub (ISH) than a ready to deploy solution... Thanks in advance for any feedback Patrick

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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.






Can only agree: that timeline filter ruins it all and we won't use the interactive dashboard only because of that, which is a shame.

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