Should be under a different category (Work Order Review), but I couldn't change. When Bookings related to a Work Order are completed a Review of the job is made. Anything (time, material, expense, fee) that should be invoiced to customer or just added as a cost needs to be entered manually. If there are many Work Orders this administrative work quickly becomes overwhelming. We miss functionality where time stamps can be automatically transferred to Services-Lines in the Work Order. Also Expenses and Fees would be good to have created automatically based on rules. We are currently looking att bulding this functionality by adding the rules to a Service Agreement that will extend the standard Agreement entity. Based on the Service Agreement, Services- and Non-Inventory product- Lines will be automatically added to the Work Order with recalculated Quantity and Price.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?

  •  Automatic creation of WO Service lines based on Timestamps, Booking Journals, or Bookings is a common extension however we would like to understand the common scenarios and pricing details to understand how we can satisfy the majority solution that all of our customers can use.
  • Expenses are likely never going to be automatically managed by our solution. We are not clear that we can satisfy the majority solution that all of our customers can use which considers local/regional/corporate rules. However, we are working with PSA towards separating their Time and Expense capability to enable the basic ability to capture expenses. Once that base capability is available, extending it to meet specific customer scenarios should be more achievable.


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In our solution the rules for Service lines are set up in a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement is a custom entity with specific rules how to override the default price list. In theory there could be as many Service Agreements and Pricing rules as there are Customer Assets, but we are trying to harmonize.
It will not be possible to create a common pricing solution that satisfies everyone.
It would be nice to be able to set up more Resource Pay types and to have a parameter to indicate if the Pay type should generate a WO Service line from the associated Booking Journal.
The need for automatically created WO Service lines is derived from the fact that the WO Invoice within CE is based on WO Service Lines and WO Product lines. This in turn, is required since Time, Fee and Expenses are Non-Inventory Products I Field Service.
On the wish list is an introduction of transaction types in FS for Time , Fee and Expense as in PSA and FO and to get rid of WO Service lines. For a company like our, that is using both PSA and FS integrated to FO it would be more logic and robust solution.

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This is standard functionality in other FS systems and I get really bad comments from customers when they find out this is not there in D365

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