When working with large marketing lists (say 10000+ contacts) in CRM, customers often have a requirement to split the list into several smaller subsets. Currently, none of the available methods of doing this are very quick/straightforward and require a significant amount of manual intervention. It would be great if CRM provided functionality to split lists in different ways, e.g. to divide a list into x smaller random groups for a phased campaign approach.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason:

 It is quite feasible to create a split in few manual steps.

 1. introduce a numbering of the contacts in the marketing lists or unique identification

 2. Use a dynamic query to select subselections from those contacts

 Alternatively Dynamics 365 for Marketing can be used to build dynamic segments from the members in a marketing lists, and perform sub-selections of the members. Additionally compound segments can be used to exclude other segments.

We have recorded a phased outreach for larger audiences as a backlog item for Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


Christian Abeln, PM,