"ProductAssociation" button is missing for bundles that were activated by-design.
The only way to update the products association for a bundle is clonning the bundle and then use the "ProductAssociation" button to add a product.

But nowdays this is a problem because I need to integrate synchronize Bundles (D365Sales) with Assembly (BC) and also ProductAssociation with Assembly BOM.

The synchronization has to be bidirectional and it can't be if I can't add/remove registries on the Bundle Product of Dynamics 365.

The clone option is not a real option when we are designing an integration because the GUID form the original Bundle will not be the same as the new clonned Bundle. So far the integration will be not correct.

I suggest to add the possibily of update ProductAssociations on Bundles that are Under Revision.
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This is a HUGE blocker for me as well because we rely on the Bundle (and the unique GUID of the Bundle) for our CPQ process.

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