Since the platform 27 update the possibility to update product item numbers has been depreciated. Product numbers can still be updated however. As advised by Microsoft we want to keep our product numbers alligned with the item number of a product over all our entities. We have cases where we need to update the product number of a product. For example when a new product is added, a transaction is made and we find out the initital product and item number where entered incorrectly. As soon as there has been a transaction, we are no longer able to correct it. This is now no longer possible without creating discrepancy between the product number and the item number or by creating a totally new product in all entities.

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We removed the possibility to rename the product item number in 10.0.0 as it lead to data corruption cases: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/dev-itpro/migration-upgrade/deprecated-features#renaming-released-products

We would consider enabling it again with some restrictions for specific cases. If you vote the idea, we would appreciate if you can add in the comments what is the scenario you are trying to enable (what is the reason why you need to update the item number) and if there are any workarounds for your case. It will help us understand it better.


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program manager, Microsoft




Item number rename issues can be mitigated by having a method to do the following:

Ability to specify item number during release to company
Ability to change item tracking dimension
Ability to change product dimension
Ability to change inventory dimension

The ability to adjust item problems would mitigate the need for item number renames.

One way to allow this is to verify all transactions closed and all on-hand zeroed out. The ability to delete product variants already allows this.

Category: Product Information Management


Category: Product Information Management