End to end testing is a crucial scenario for regression testing.
We use the product configurator for about 50% of our business processes (made to measure production).

Currently RSAT is not supporting the code which is used for the interaction of the GUI (Javascript according to support team).

I opened a support ticket as instructed by Robert Badawy via Yammer.

The support engineer Mohamed Kassam sent me - for the time being - the following response from the product group:
Hi Andreas,

The product group didn't consider it as a bug because it wasn't supported before by RSAT, they created an internal deliverable #548733 to investigate more and if possible will be added to future releases, we still don't have an ETA for this but I will follow up and will contact you again next week if we have any updates.

We cannot be the only ones to use the product configurator.

Please vote for this idea to improve the the RSAT tool and also improve the experience with the tool.
Needs Votes



We also have a customer for whom configured products are the core of their business.

Microsoft should AS MINUMUM advise which tools we should use for regression testing. At the least a shortlist of viable products.

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