With the 2020 W4 form changes, the form in Dynamics GP 2018 does not accommodate the "Step 4: Other Adjustments (Optional)" section. In our ATS, the 2020 W4 does accommodate these fields, but they do not flow over to Dynamics GP and therefore the withholding amount is incorrect. This requires manual audits and edits to the form in GP.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
With the Lifecycle of Dynamics GP at this time, this suggestion would be out of scope.
Terry Heley



This is a great exposure for us especially since our employees are hourly and their base salary changes (hence their withholding changes as well). The adjustment is made once at the time of hiring using the estimated number of hours they will be working. However, like in any hourly assignment, things change, and the adjustment may need to be updated. However, we cannot audit hundreds of employees on a weekly basis to validate that the manual adjustment is accurate. Please have lines 4a and 4b automated so that we can remain compliant.

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