The Help Text for Item Type states that a Miscellaneous Charge does not track Quantities and Current costs. However the Current Cost is tracked. Our customer wants to set up some Department Miscellaneous Charge Items for 1 time items that will be include on Purchase Requisitions and PO's. They will consume these immediately and will not purchase again. They don't want to create a new item for every unique item, don't want to track quantity and each time they would use the item it would have a different cost. So they do not want the system to track the cost. The purpose is to be able to set the default accounts to use when they receive the Miscellaneous Charge. Idea is to either make the Item Type function as described in the Help Text. Or at least have a setup option available to specify if they want the Current Cost to be tracked.

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The documentation is correct in that we don't track quantity or costs in the purchase receipt, it doesn't mean we don't track who you purchased it from. I do realize this can be misunderstood but that is the way the window was designed. 

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft