As of now, the form capture is page-related. That means that, if we want to use the same form on several pages (on a lot of websites, for example, the contact form is displayed on all pages), we have to configure a new capture on each page (and, in our case, more than 300 times the same capture).

That would be amazing to have either :

  • a form related capture configuration instead of a page related capture : the script generated for a capture can be inserted on all pages we want it to be used and there is no url filter (even if we have to specify a url for the initial scan)
  • or add a field to allow so input url patterns (with jokers) to specify on which pages the script have to be executed (like "www.domain.com/*/contact;zz.domain.com/contact;yy.domain.com/*/our-offices;...)

Many thanks,


2023 Release Wave 2
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap. Sincerely, Petr Jantac, Microsoft