In some scenarios, the Bookable Resources are Contacts (external subcontractors) who do not have access to the Dynamics 365 web/mobile. For those users, a portal solution is implemented to allow them to update their Booking, Work Order Service Task, etc. For those portal users, they will need the ability to include an inspection or inspections with the service but the inspection form custom control only renders in the model-driven app (web/mobile) but not on the portal.

It would be great if the inspection form custom control is supported on the Power Apps portal as well.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is currently no on the roadmap but will take into consideration in the future.



Field Service PM Team



I agree with the previous comments, we have clients using the portal as they outsource most field service tasks and it's a pity that inspections cannot be used on the portal. All contractors are using the portal today and it wouldn't make sense for the client to pay for a few thousand extra dynamics licenses and manage all external users as internal users just to use inspections from their portal.

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It is a pity that this idea has been declined. Inspections are a critical activity of the field workers, as well external as internal. Having external work forces filling in the inspection list is very important and should be made possible. If not then the use of the portal brings only a limited added-value and customers will try to find other solutions to ensure that there external employees can perform the necessary job (for which they are payed for).

If it is 'income' issue for Microsoft then I'm convinced that there is sufficient creativity to come up with a proposal so that it is not necessary to pay the full license cost for the contractors.

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