Flag items in the product master as "Returnable". Then when a returnable part is used on a work order the system would create return line on the WO. Consider an inventory transfer record to require the tech to return these type of parts to a returns warehouse, I have seen this done very well in Dynamics GP by creating a good warehouse and a bad warehouse for the tech. Returnable parts are put in the bad warehouse for trackability. Typically Returnable parts have a core charge or value, these type of parts are typically high value and can go thru some type of refurb process or be returned to a vendor at a price or exchange value.

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for raising this one, David.

Personally, I still think this is an interesting idea. I just haven't heard this from other customers, yet, and this hasn't gotten enough votes for further consideration.

For the foreseeable future, we are not considering the suggestion but if you find more customers that ask for the same scenario, please keep a running list and share the insights.


Jason Cohen

PM, Microsoft