Allow for work order bookings to be completed and be able to set the work order to open - unscheduled. The reason for this is when using Time Entries, a booking has to be completed to stop time. Then, a new booking is needed for capturing any other time that is spent for that work order.

Business case: A technician is out on a work order, they complete some work but need to order parts. They should be able to close that booking and move the work order to unscheduled so that a dispatcher can see that it is pending parts. The PO is already related to the original work order and with a follow up the tech would have to re-add the parts. It would also cause challenges with integrations and being able to mark the PO against the work order.
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Dynamics 365 Partner Teams Channel (Scheduling) September/October 2021 Teams Channel

[27/10 12:35] Andrew Nevitt (Guest)
Koivu Filipp - thanks for sharing this and yes I've seen this before. In general our approach is custom development to create a secondary Requirement (a copy of the original Primary Requirement related to the Booking) for the technician to revisit site and perform the additional work (triggered from a flag - "additional visit required" on the first booking). Within that plug-in or action we would reset the Work Order status to Unscheduled. The secondary requirement can the be scheduled (using the Schedule Board or RSO) without impacting the original booking.
[11:17] Danny Wieder (Guest)
Thanks Andrew Nevitt , to my mind, resetting the Work Order status to Unscheduled is important to keep the system consistent. We can also add an incomplete reason on the booking if the "additional visit required" flag is set, say - 'parts require' or 'no access' and this in turn could drive the substatus on the Work Order.

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