If a vendor is set up with a File Transfer Method of Not Specified, when the EFT file is generated that vendor is not included and no warning is given to the user.
User does not understand why there is no EFT
User should receive a warning “The EFT file format is based on the vendor and a file format isn’t specified for the vendor.”

If multiple vendors are included, should the EFT file be created for the other vendors? Or should the EFT generation fail for all? (warning on a report?) that he was not included
I then processed the EFT payments, posted the batch (no errors/all posted fine) and then went to 'Generate' the EFT file. The vendors with 'Corporate' and 'Business' had payments in their related EFT files but the vendor that had 'Not Specified' assigned wasn't in either. When you inquire on the history for this vendor using 'Not Specified' it shows the payment as 'HIST' so in GP all looks well when reality is, the payment wasn't apart of an EFT file.

So.....I understand that it needs to be assigned one of the two file transfer methods but i was also surprised that it just processes the payment, posts and then generates the 2 EFT files without any sort of warning or error.

Is there anything i can do to generate some sort of warning or error telling the person doing the transaction there is indeed a problem?

Would be a good suggestion for the product
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Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider this functionality for a future release.  

Best regards. 

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Here is a view you can use to create an empty SmartList out of


a. vendorid,
b. adrscode,
CASE b. efttransfermethod
WHEN 5 THEN 'Foreign Account'
when 4 then 'Personal Account'
when 3 then 'Corporate Account'
when 2 then 'Business Account'
when 1 then 'Not Specified'
END AS efttransfermethod
FROM SY06000 b JOIN PM00200 a
on a. vendorid= b. vendorid
where efttransfermethod = '5' or efttransfermethod='4' or efttransfermethod='1'

grant select on [EFT] TO DYNGRP

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