Dimension Corrections tool I think this is great in principle, because it means there is a chance that we can work without our customization in future. However, I am still lacking information at the moment to be able to assess whether the planned standard functionality can "keep up" with our own solution and does not represent a step backwards.

It is not sufficient to update only a selected G/L item. All dependent posting transactions must also be identified and updated as well, so that no inconsistencies occur:
- Other G/L items that are related to the changed G/L item.
- Vendor items
- Customer item
- VAT items
- Bank items
- Purchase and sales documents (invoices/credit notes)
- Analysis view items (currently only possible with restrictions, because this involves copying and consolidating data that cannot be subsequently changed)
- Interface tables to connected systems

In addition, a reasonable reporting is required so that it is possible to track at any time which user has changed which dimension values in which G/L item and when, and which dependent items have also been updated automatically as a result.
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Just to be clear the data maintenance tool now shipping in the product and includes actions for correcting and reconstructing dimension data is largely fixing the data in the Dimension* tables that hold references from any sources that are dimensions.  All transactions such as GL transactions and CustTrans or similar should hold a reference to the dimension data (RecID) from .LedgerDimension or .DefaultDimension fields.