If in the firm and consolidate screen, you initialize a make qty to 0 and firm the consolidated batch order, then a batch order is still created with a quantity of 1.

An item A with a formula and bulk item conversion and requirement coverage group. This item B is produced from an other item which has also a formula.

1. Create several needs with different quantity (like several sales line)
2. Run the master planning plan. We have several planned order
3. Select several planned order of the product A and click on the function "firm and consolidate"
4. Initialize the make qty of a planned orders (Packed orders) to 0.
5. Firm the consolidated batch order

A batch order is still created for the planned orders with the make qty equal to 0. The remain qty of this batch order is 0 and there isn't any transaction for the product but there transactions for the components.

Category: Planning
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