Request is that we should have access to a complete list of all new KBs between two versions of D365FO (current version and next version).

More info/back ground:
When performing a binary update, we are presented with a list of hotfixes included in the update, but it is somewhat unclear when a KB becomes a candidate for appearing on this list. But what we do know is that the list is not complete and to get a complete list of all KBs included in the "changed/new cumulative" update you will also need to visit the relevant bug fix articles on LCS to get a complete list of what potentially is included. You might then also have to consider that some of the KB’s included in the bug fix article already have been included in previously install quality update hence they should be removed from your home-made list.

After consolidating these lists from the different sources, you end up with a list of KB with multiple duplicated KBs, but you also end up with a list where the hotfix list refers to KB numbers while the bug fix article refers to issue numbers. Hot fix list includes multiple columns when export to a csv-file – bug fix article is a very simple list. Time consuming and not easy to work with.

With all the processes around governance, tests, approval and change management many customers have established around making changes to their D365FO, it seems natural that regardless of the changes is customizations or changes from Microsoft, some minimum of insight and “approval” should be in place. And yes – you would have you automated test to ensure some minimum coverage, but I still think it make sense to be able to document instead of just being somewhat “blindfolded”.
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See "discussion" on Yammer: https://www.yammer.com/dynamicsaxfeedbackprograms/#/Threads/show?threadId=1066244011491328

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