We implement D365 FO & Retail for a customer since version 10.0.6 last year. First country is HK. Until now we roll-out MY & SG for version 10.0.12 (10.0.507.20001).

Users keep requesting to have printing feature for POS Reports. But we can only answer that D365 MPOS doesn't support printing reports. We can't make SSRS report for users to print from D365 Backend because they don't want to pay license for all MPOS users in 3 countries (200+ stores). Costing is very big factor in this Covid-19 situation.

Please make this request possible. Customer keeps complaining because their old POS cheaper software can do but more expensive D365 POS can't.
Under Review



This request is almost half decade old and still under review. We as consultants are happy to see new feature like Copilot and AI. But, this kind of basic functionality also matters.

Category: Reports and analytics