[Design Change Request] - Email alert title from "instance.crm.dynamics.com says" to "Apply Template" when alert pops up from Adding Template process - If email template includes attachment, it will show alert message : "This template contains attachments. If you want attachments as a part of your email, click Cancel, save the email, and then re-apply the template. To continue without the attachments, click OK." - The alert content is understandable because attachment requires an email record and an email record will be created after clicking Save button - The request is change the title from "instance.crm.dynamics.com says" (Web Client side) to "Apply Template" (UCI Interface). [Web Client side Title] - "instance.crm.dynamics.com says" [UCI Interface side Title] - "Apply Template" [Reproducing the Alert] 1. Create an email template with attachment 2. New email and "Insert Template" 3. Add the email template with attachment 4. The alert message is different between Web client and UCI interface. [ASK] - Request to update the web client side title as UCI interface title for more clear information.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason:

  •  Going forward functionality and usability improvement will be only on UC   


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