Users will leverage the feature "Open in New Window" when on a call to remind them that they have a task to return to, or problem to address after the call is completed.  When using this feature, the secondary (or child) window/s will disappear if the main (or parent) window is closed/reopened.

Replication steps:

  • Open "All Sales Orders".  

  • Pick any order, and "View Details" for the customer account number.  

  • When All Customer form appears, use the "Open in new window" icon to open 'child' window.

  • Go back to original ('parent') window ("All sales orders"), and "X" out. 

  • Now you should have only the Main Menu, and have a secondary child window (customers) open. 

  • Now, Re-open the "All sales orders" form (...or any form from the main menu); ISSUE:  You will see that the secondary form of "Customers" form has also closed.

Request:  Please consider preventing the child window/s from closing when another form is opened on the main menu.

Running D365 for Ops and Fin., Enterprise. Edition
Platform 11, App release 7.2


Thanks for your consideration.

Category: Common